You’ve done the 90 Day Accelerator Program and now you’re ready to take the next step in transforming your business.   Get ongoing support to live your passion without losing sight of the work/life balance you strive for.


Turn your joinery business into a profitable investment.

What makes this program unique.

  • 1

    It builds on your new and existing knowledge.

    The Wealthy Joiner ™ is designed to be a direct follow-on program to the 90-Day Accelerator.  The systems are already in place within your business, based on what you have already learned.  We work with you to take it to the next level.

  • 2

    Get high level personal business coaching from industry experts.

    Working with a business coach can be costly for a smaller organisation.  However, The Wealthy Joiner ™ program makes this support accessible to even the smallest trader.  We make time for you.  We support you every step of the way, enabling you to make a more profitable business.  

  • 3

    Get immediate access to the tools and strategies you need to grow your business.

    Why wait for the course to start to begin working on your business?  Start learning about how you can improve your business through The Wealthy Joiner's ™ industry specific, proven strategies.  

  • 4

    Face-to-face support through live online workshops 

    Every 2 weeks we work together in an online workshop session.  This is an easy and effective way of engaging with us and moving your business forwards.  In between sessions, you also have the opportunity to gain additional support from the coaches.

  • 5

    You get the power and knowledge of the group 

    When you sign into the program you will get access to the private group that are needing to solve the same problems as you. There is a reason why groups on social media are as popular as they are.  It's because you can meet people just like you and feel safe in asking the same questions they did to get solutions you need.  It is also because you have an opportunity to help someone else. 

We focus on nine foundations.

It is essential to have these nine core foundations of your business working at a high level before your business will be able to grow sustainably.   




Business Strategy

Product Mix

Customer Experience

Finance & Admin

Culture & Influenceship

Innovation & Development

Is this program right for you?


  • Have already completed the 90-Day Accelerator Program and want to build on their knowledge.

  • Gain a better work-life balance to be there when it matters.

  • Have a thirst for more information and strategies to maintain their business.

  • Understand that the key to a successful business is about more than just your trade.


  • People who have NOT completed the 90-Day Accelerator Program

  • People who want a "done for you" program. This is a "done with you" program

  • People not ready to put in some time to engage in the program with.

  • Large businesses. We have individual programs for large businesses. 

Not quite ready to sign up?

Let's jump on a call together.

Let's discuss how you can get started on creating the joinery business that you always wanted, one that will create the wealth and freedom you want for yourself and your family.


Stop the long days and lost profits.

How it works

Over the coming weeks you will get various implementation projects that, when implemented fully will have a dramatic impact on your business.


They are designed to RAPIDLY TRANSFORM your business results and get you into Growth Mode, with all the help we can give you along the way.


It is never about the new INFORMATION... it is all about the IMPLEMENTATION you will need to do.  Without implementation the new information will be useless.


You will be able to work through the program and implement at your pace and will be held accountable to your results on regular live online workshops.  All training content will be available to you in the membership site you get  access to so you will always have the new tools you need, when you need them.


You will also have access to the the private Facebook group so you can ask or answer questions and become part of the supportive community.

A Little About Me

Over 20 years in the industry, starting out as an apprentice, then cabinetmaker, then operating my own custom joinery business for over 10 years to now helping business owners create the wealth, future and freedom the want from their business.


We all start in business to create something we feel we could not get from being an employee. More money, more freedom, less stress .. whatever that is.  Too often I find that running a business has actually taken that dream AWAY from you.


My passion is to help you rediscover that reason for being in business in the first place and then help you turn your business into a profitable investment so the business will actually give you what you wanted when you first started out in business.


I believe the risk is too high in business to achieve any other result. 

Bruce Poling


Money back guarantee



We want to take away any hesitation you might have in joining this program, so here's the deal:


Do the program, implement the projects and if for any reason you do not feel this is for you in the first 30 days, we will refund your money AND I will throw in a Barrista coffee on me...  

What our clients say.

Chris James

Kurv Living

You will see results fast...

Bruce help me turn the business into a profitable venture. I knew I needed some help but was unsure what to do and after 12 months working with Bruce and his team we have a clear growth plan in place.  I am very happy with our future.

Michael Neville

Blank Joinery

Bruce helped me get off the tools and working ON the business.

Bruce was recommended to me and I was hesitant to pay for coaching. I can say now, working with Bruce is one of the best things I have ever done in business.   

Ben Fatchen

Cabinet Systems

I would highly recommend Bruce to your company.

We were pretty efficient but could always improve. Since working with Bruce we have increase our conversion rates in and improved factory throughput.  We are very happy with the results. 


Will I be able to talk directly to the coach?

Will this be relevant to my business  ?

Will we talk about what my business needs?

Will there be long boring presentations?

Will I be able to keep the information ?

What if I find the program is not  for me ?