Turn your joinery business into a profitable investment.

Joinery businesses are often low profit and long hours. We help you turn that around and achieve the goals you had when you first started in business. We will be providing you with weekly insights on how to turn your business profits up and your personal time down.


Learn the 9 Foundations You Need Working to Make Your Joinery Business Thrive

Setting up a good foundation for your business is key to make your business thrive and grow. In episode 1 of The Joinery Business Podcast, I'm here to help you figure out the general elements of your business that you need to look out for and improve.

How to Use Social Media to Create Hot Leads​

In episode 2 of The Joinery Business Podcast, I am going share with you our new program's marketing section. This will give you an idea on what, why, and how the implementation of attraction-based marketing can help your joinery business.

How A VA Will Relieve Your Stress

We are joined by Korryn Haines from Encore Admin Consulting. We’ve been working with Korryn this year and she has been our admin and tech guru; and we’ve invited her on this episode of The Joinery Business Podcast.

Get a Higher Return On Your Business

In episode 4 of The Joinery Business Podcast, I'm going share with you how to get your machines running more often so that you'll get the return on your business you want. Your investment in your business is largely in the machinery and if it's sitting idle while you're installing, there's no way to get the return on your biggest investment you have made.

Hot Seat with Vogue Creations

In episode 5 of The Joinery Business Podcast, I am going to share with you a fantastic story of a client I work with in Queensland called Vogue Creations and how they have made massive improvements in the manufacturing business in a very short period of time.

How To Lead Through Uncertain Times

In episode 6 of The Joinery Business Podcast we have an amazing guest speaker in the Joinery GPS group today, Byron Sakha, who is the “anti-guru” for a modern age. A specialist in human behavior and business performance with a fresh take on transformation, Byron is rapidly becoming known globally as a leading master coach and trainer. His work has been featured in Forbes, Thrive Global, The Good Men Project, Influencive and MarketWatch.

Create Your Recovery Plan Now

In episode 7 of The Joinery Business Podcast, during this time of uncertainty and misinformation, our role is to create clarity, certainty and focus for you on what your need to do to "survive" this short period of time, so we can be strong together when the up-turn in the economy happens, and we will all struggle to keep up with demand.

Create Your Recovery Plan Now - Part 2

After the success of our first workshop, we partnered with ACFA and House of Social to host this second part of our series of helping you survive this crisis so you can Thrive when better times arrive.

As an industry, as well as in general, we are faced with some serious challenges right now.

Improve Your Process and Your Will Improve Your People 

In today's joinery/cabinet manufacturing, I often hear an owner say “I can’t find good people these days”. This normally means they are looking for a unicorn .. What I mean by that is, good people are everywhere but no one is able to read minds. Just because someone is a trained trades-person does not mean they know how your factory does things. 

You Were Born to Not Only Survive this Crisis... But Thrive in the Coming Months!

This is a short but impactful podcast about why people who run cabinetmaking, joinery, furniture, and commercial shot-fit type businesses are born to be able to not only survive this crisis but also learn how to take lessons from it and be stronger.

Why You Need To Be a Leader Now More Than Ever

In today's episode of The Joinery Business Podcast we discuss the importance of being a leader during such uncertain times. It’s a troubling time for everyone and you may be feeling a need for guidance and certainty, which is totally human! However, right now more than ever your staff need to feel a sense of guidance and certainty as well.

Warning, Rant Ahead: We Need To Stop Doing This!

Ok, so I am possibly a little punchy from being locked up for so long so I need to warn you now, I am about to rant about something and it may offend some of you, if you offend easily now is your chance to bail!

Ok, for those of you still listening, it may only be me, here’s the thing...

Hotseat with Kurv Living

In today's episode of The Joinery Business Podcast we have another Hotseat with Chris from Kurv Living! This is my second interview with Chris, so this time I talk with him about his business growth over the past 12 - 24 months and the bright future he has with this amazing business and team.

How Adversity Gives You Strength - A Chat With Kerry Goulet

Something a little different in this podcast, I talk with a good friend of mine, Kerry Goulet. We discuss his journey through life and how he has overcome some incredible obstacles in life, and is again facing a huge one with this covid crisis.

How to Read Your Profit and Loss Statement and Have it Mean Something To You

In this short clip, I show you how to read your Profit and Loss statement and make it mean something to you. We help people demystify the financial reports so you will have what is much like a dashboard in your car, the gauges and results you need to see to make business decisions. Without being able to see the business results, you are playing darts blindfolded.

How to Next Level Your Sales Results with Jonathan Blackburn from Vortek Spaces

Jonathan is a very positive individual who is passionate about advancing technology in our industry and helping you gain more sales. He will talk about the technology available right now and how it will help you improve your sales rates and deliverable outcomes.

How to Sell More Work At YOUR Price

Too often the business owner feels they are the only one that can do sales because customers want to buy from them only. This is not really the case, potential customers want to be certain that they’ll have their wants and needs met, and if they know the business owner is ensuring their employees are doing that, your potential customer will be just as happy working with a good person in the sales department.

Business Value Tree

In todays episode we talk about the concept of a business value tree, how when a business starts to get larger it may risk imploding on itself, how to manage this and help your business build and maintain value.

I also talk about the importance of documenting your business's procedure, as it’s important for new employees to know how your business operates in all it’s little intricacies and routines.

Find Hidden Cash - Episode 1

In today's episode I look at avenues which could help you find hidden cash within your business and talk about how you might go about taking advantage of them. Whether it be learning how to read your profit and loss statement, or learning how to improve your conversion rates, there’s always cash available in your business you are not finding or taking advantage of.

Find Hidden Cash - Episode 2

In this second part of The Find Hidden Cash Series, we talk about how to improve your process and raise your standards. A lot of hidden cash will be found in the little things like documenting your processes and checking the paperwork of the delivery driver.

How Our Sequence Flow System Will Help You Dramatically Reduce Lead Time

In this episode I share with you a snippet of a workshop we did with a client a few months ago where the goal was to reduce lead times and generally create better efficiencies in the factory flow. This is an area we frequently help businesses create massive gains and I am sharing this for the first time with you.

How To Run a Profitable Joinery Manufacturing Business and Travel The World

In this episode I talk with Darren McKavanagh from The Kitchen Builder who has built an amazing manufacturing business while still being able to travel the world. When Darren started in 2002, his big “lightbulb” moment was when he received a huge check from a customer that Darren had no part in the job. It was then he realized that he could create a business that didn't need him doing everything and he could have the lifestyle he wanted.

Find Hidden Cash - Episode 3

In this third episode of our Find Hidden Cash Series we talk about the idea of keeping a list of clients you’ve worked with in the past, sometimes during dry business periods past clients can be worth their weight in gold. It’s important however not to attempt to sell something directly, but rather view the interaction as if you’re giving the client “gifts”, as this eventually attracts them back to you rather than making them feel like they’re being hunted.

Find Hidden Cash - Episode 4 - Discover Hidden Cash In Your Pricing System

In this 4th and final topic in helping you find hidden cash (but by no means the limit to ways to find hidden cash), I talk with you about how your pricing system could be the piglet area to look for hidden cash in your entire business systems.

How To Lease Equipment and Software: The Easy Way to Grow Your Business

I sat down with Joel Waddell from Pacific Finance and talked about how he helps so many small and medium businesses find a way to lease that new piece of equipment or software that may be the missing piece of the puzzle for you right now.​

This is a real inside look at what you can do to set yourself and your business up to take the next step.

What to Think About Before Buying Expensive Business Software

In today's episode I decided to talk about a topic some might think is as important as it is: how to go about buying the right software for your business. A lot of business owners, as their business grows, start to look for a way to automate their business, but it’s important not to view software as some kind of solution, rather something that’s just done as it's told.


Employees Vs. Contractors

For todays episode I decided to jump on the Joinery Business Hub to discuss with the group whether hiring contractors or employees are ideal, and go through the pros and cons of both.

As much as this is a perfectly valid question to ask, it’s important to consider why you’re asking it. This it born out of uncertainty for your business? Are you working towards the long term or do you just want to get a job done?

Why You Need To Become a Specialist

On today's episode we talk about why you should go niche with your business, and why being a business that can “do anything” may actually be a detriment. As a generalist, you’ll find you’re doing many things but not know any one thing in particular. When you become a specialist, you gain a following from a loyal audience and you will begin to love your work again, as well as be able to charge more for your work and make higher profit.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your New CNC Machine

Today I offer you my insights into what pitfalls can be expected with buying a new cnc machine and how to avoid them. I also share with you my experience going back as far as the early 2000’s, when “nesting” first started, and how many companies then (and still today) invest in machinery only to find they have not received the ROI they wanted. I share with you the reason why that is and what to do about it.

How to Easily Create an Attraction Based Marketing System and Get a Flood of Leads At Your Door

In todays episode I give a brief overview on the idea of attraction based marketing and how you can apply it to your business.


3 Ways to Improve Your Leadership in Your Business Today

In today's episode I talked with our new leadership coach, Lynda Tregoweth, about the ways in which you could improve leadership within your business, and how her experiences with the joinery industry can help improve your business.

The Biggest Things That We Get So Right in Our Industry That Others Don't

In today's episode I decide to take a different direction. With everything happening in our world and the continuing uncertainty, I decided it’s important to look back at all the good things we’ve done in our industry and what makes it really stand out against any other.

Hot Seat Interview with Steven from The Kitchen Crew

In late 2019 I sat down with Steven from The Kitchen Crew to talk about his business growth

One of the huge things Steven credits his success to is the team he and Robyn (his wife) have built up over the years, never forgetting it’s his team that grows a business, they have always focused on these core values.

How To Grow Your Joinery Business In These Uncertain Times - Hot Seat with Greg Harman​

Today I had an inspirational and interesting chat with Greg Harman from “Greg Harman Joinery” in New Zealand. Greg and his wife Ginny have been operating this business for 35 years and are very dedicated to making it the best business it can be for both their staff and their clients.

Where You Begin is Not Where You End Up - An Amazing Chat With Matt Jones From The Site Shed​

Meet Matt Jones.

Formerly a plumber, Matt noticed that a lot of the other agencies and digital companies out there weren’t taking care of ‘trade based businesses’ the right way (or at all).

This led him to start his own Digital Agency Tradie Web Guys, which provides digital solutions such as websites and marketing strategies specifically for trade based businesses.

How Marketing Will Help You Even When You’re Crazy Busy

Often business owners overlook marketing when their business is crazy busy, I mean you’re busy already right? Why would you need to market? Well in today's episode I spoke with Melanie Gardener from The Joinery Coach Marketing Agency and we discussed why this is actually the wrong way to look at things.

How to Gain Time in Your Week By Putting Compression Pants on Your Calendar

Often as business owners we find ourselves completely overwhelmed in our own schedules and struggle to fit in any time at all, but it’s important to keep in mind that you cannot “create time”. When you ask "how can I make better use of the time I already have?", you’ll get real about fitting the tasks into the time rather than the time to the tasks.

What's Missing From Your Skills As A Business Owner

For today's podcast I decided I head in a different direction and give a brief talk on what most business owners are missing when it comes to running their business and what holds them back from really letting their business flourish.

I’ve seen so many amazingly talented craftspeople struggle to find their footing when it comes to actually getting their business where they want despite how incredible their work is.

5 Easy Steps To Get You "Through" Busy

In today's podcast I give you 5 (with a 6th bonus thrown in) steps to helping you work through this crazy time of year and not feel as overwhelmed as you do now.

Every year at this time in our industry we hear everyone saying “I'm too busy, I just need to get through the work”  but this in itself is a problem.

You, Who, How

In today's episode we celebrate reaching 40 episodes of the podcast by giving out a sort of free giveaway, sharing an approach that we use here at the Joinery Coach to bring your business to the next level.

When it comes to approaching clients there’s three steps to keep in mind; You, Who, and How.

A Chat With Leigh Swalling From Planit Cutting Edge Australia About How To Create A Smart Factory

In today's episode I had a chat with Leigh Swalling from Planit Cutting Edge Australia, who told me all about his history in the joinery business and with Planit, and a bit about where he came from growing up. Leigh offers a whole lot of insights about what to do and what not when trying to work your way up in a joinery business and/or when starting a business.