A note from Coach & TJC Director

Bruce Poling


Turn your joinery business into a profitable investment.


I was not a great student in school.  Not bad, but not great.  Like many boys, I did not enjoy school and could not wait until it was over.  Funny thing was, I did well in some subjects and terrible in others. The subjects I did well in always had a teacher that inspired me, like my grade 11 maths teacher who inspired me to do well in advanced algebra. I found my science teacher boring so I failed science.


What I know now, is that I was as smart as anyone else in school.  I was simply uninspired by most of my teachers.


I also discovered a love of working with my hands to fix or create things.  I loved working on cars and woodwork.  In grade 12 I made my mother a grandfather clock and didn’t really think much about it.  Years later ex classmates told me they were very impressed with what I had done. I started to realized I had one thing I was very good at.


So, I am a "maker" at heart.  I worked for many years as a cabinetmaker.  It was just what I did, but more importantly … what I am.

"I believe cabinetmakers are the good guys.  We create objects that last for generations and tell stories.  We are the trade everyone thinks they can do themselves but when they try soon learn its not that easy!" 

I took the path many cabinetmakers take and went on to run my own business.  I can do it better than the boss … I can set my own hours ... I can be my own boss and make more money.  Yep, that was the plan all those years ago.  Sound familiar? I did get there in the end but not without some pain and suffering.


After reaching near burn out in 2002,  I sold my cabinet manufacturing business.


I discovered my true passion helping others in business.


I dove into coaching and advising anyone wanting my help as well as advancing my professional skills and knowledge.


First I added to my already extensive experience in business, to include technical business knowledge (including Lean Manufacturing, CPIM, CAD/CAM etc) as well as what is known as "soft skills" (SEIQ).  As it turns out, it's the soft skills that are the most important! 

"It's never about speeding things up!  Its always about shortening the distances. " 

"I believe it’s time we did things differently and not settle for just "surviving". You deserve better." 

Now, after many years of business coaching,


I have found the best approach is to

"do it with you" rather than "for you or at you"


as this approach will create sustainable change and give you what you need to improve and grow.

 I have also learned that every successful business is a great team.  What I am most proud of is the team I have been able to build as we are all passionate about helping every client achieve their goals. 


Our goal is to help you achieve yours!


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