How Will A Business Coach Help You?

By Bruce Poling

Remember the days when you first started your business?


You worked hard. The hours were long. But the excitement of creating and building something of your own was intoxicating and energizing.


Remember that?


But that changed over time, didn’t it? What happened to that person who built that business you now feel trapped in?


Living a “Groundhog Day” Life


Groundhog Day was a 1993 American comedy film starring Bill Murray. In the film, Murray plays a TV weatherman who somehow finds himself in a time loop, repeating the same day again and again.


For too many business owners, each day in their own business has become a “time loop” and they begin to feel that they are trapped, repeating the same day again and again. Sound familiar?


Are you a person that has been in the business for many years and is now frustrated with your current position? Have you seen the years fly by and feel you are not in a better position now than you were many years ago… and may even be in a much worse position with increased debt, etc.?


You’re not alone.


Like you, many business owners wake up one day and realize they have lost the energy and passion they had when they first started the business. Even worse, they’ve also forgotten why they started the business in the first place. Inspired motivation has been replaced with grudging obligation. What you once chose to do – often against great odds – you now have no choice, but to do!


And at what cost?


If you are a typical small business owner you may already be divorced, or at least have a strained relationship with your spouse. Spending ten, twelve, and even fifteen-hour days at your work was understandable in the early days. It was exciting, challenging, and it was the price you knew you wanted to pay to make this thing work.


Now you still spend far too many hours at the shop and it’s hurting your relationships and possibly even hurting your health.


And you know the toll of years of countless hours in the business has had on your life – and you don’t want to keep on going this way any longer.

Something Has to Change… 

No one accomplishes anything of value on their own. You didn’t build a successful business without help. Sure, it may have been your idea, your dream – but you still needed others at various times to make it a reality. You didn’t do it alone.

And you’re not going to fix it alone.

Something has to change if you want to be freed from the “Groundhog Day” reality of your current business reality. But what, exactly, should you change? What’s the first step, and how do you get there?

Just like in the movie, the change starts with authenticity and honesty. It starts with self-analysis and then a commitment to change from your current state to the future state you desire.

A business coach will help you first make a commitment to yourself to decided to change for the better and will then help you make the changes needed to achieve your goals.

And one of the first things a coach will help you do is to rediscover what you truly want in life – to define the underlying “Why” of your passion and drive – and to rekindle that same passion and drive once again. A coach will be able to take you back to that place when you first started your business when you were inspired to achieve great things.

When you believed in yourself and in possibilities.

A business coach will help you to once again Strive to Thrive!

Owning Your Business - Not Owned By It


Every business owner dreams of the day when they can enjoy the fruits of their labour. Aside from all the day-to-day benefits of owning your own enterprise there is the dream that you can one day live a life of freedom.

Freedom from want, freedom to travel, freedom to pursue dreams and passions.

But that can only happen when you can step away from your business where and when you wish. It’s only a dream that’s been achieved when your business can run properly and profitably without you being there day in and day out.  That kind of freedom only exists once you have arrived at a place where you have options.

Unless you have the option to sell your business today for a goodly sum, or hire a Director to run it for you – unless you have options – then you are still bound to your business. You are simply an employee in a job of your own making.

Taking on a business coach who knows and understands you and your business is a first and critical step in making the right choices and proper changes to free yourself, to become the Owner and not the Owned, and to create options.

A wise man once said that, “If you want what you never had you must do what you’ve never done.”

Business coaching with a seasoned business coach will take you on that journey to what you’ve never done so that you can experience what you’ve never had.

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