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      Businesses we work with.

      In their own words.

      Kurv Living

      Chris James

      Bruce helped me turn the business into a profitable venture. I knew I needed some help but was unsure what to do and after 12 months working with Bruce and his team we have a clear growth plan in place.


      We have had an amazing turn-around in business profits and after 12 months I have been able to purchase our first CNC machine, CabinetVision software, double the factory size and a heap of new factory needs.


      The GPS program has been a game changer for us for sure.  

      Mivis Joinery

      Travis and Mick

      We knew we had a great business and a great team but we need to learn more about how to put all that together to create better results.


      In the first few months of joining GPS we had already learned how to implement our business management software to reduce quoting time by 60%, and this also help everyone in the business become more effective.


      This was just the start of great things to come.


      We now have a very clear understanding of our numbers and this alone has helped us improve profits in the first 6 months.


      If you have a joinery business and want to improve it it, we recommend you have a chat with Bruce and team.   


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